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Why Dry Tattooing Could Be the Next Skincare Revolution

If you're looking for the latest in terms of skincare treatments, you may have heard of a procedure called "dry tattooing." This is a relatively new procedure that was only introduced at the end of the last century, but it is taking the industry by storm. What is this and is it something that you should be considering for yourself?

What Is Dry Tattooing?

There are many different names associated with this procedure, including skin needling and dermarolling. Essentially, a device that looks like a miniature steam roller has a couple of hundred very fine steel needles attached to it and is applied by the specialist across the surface of the skin in small motions. These needles can be different lengths, according to the ultimate objective, which is to create miniature puncture holes in the skin which will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. It is said that this process can help to reduce stretch marks and produce smoother skin, as the natural healing process takes its course.

Best results are said to be seen if a long-term course of treatments is undergone, and this can be taken at home or in-office. Many choose to combine the skin rolling process with the use of topical products containing retinol, for better results.

Different Techniques

There are many different ways to approach this technique. The configurations of the needles can be altered, to modify their length and gauge, and the effect can be further modified according to the amount of pressure that is put onto the skin when it is rolled. Care needs to be taken to ensure that just the right amount of pressure is applied for gentle stimulation, without drawing any blood.

Massaging Benefits

Most people choose a roller that has short needles with a wider gauge, as this is the least invasive and doesn't cause any damage to the skin. It has the effect of exfoliating carefully, promoting circulation and stimulating at the same time. In many respects, it's much like an intense and manual massage and can enhance absorption of active and beneficial ingredients into the lower layers of the skin. When combined with vitamin C treatment and retinoids, skin needling can boost collagen and provide significant benefits to the skin in terms of anti-ageing.

Is This for You?

If you're intrigued by this method of skincare, have a word with your professional skin therapist to see what course of treatment they may suggest for you.