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Three Tips About Whitening Your Teeth Before The School Formal

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching, and now is the time when hair, makeup and dress choices are being made before school formal dances commence. As someone who has never been to a school formal before, you may have begged your parents to let you have your teeth whitened before the big event. However, the timing of when you have your teeth whitened for such a special occasion needs careful thought. Here are three tips for you to think about regarding how whitening teeth could impact the formal.

Number Of Dentist Visits

It is important you have a dentist do the teeth whitening procedure on you because only they legally have access to the strongest whitening chemicals. However, depending on the amount of staining on your teeth, the dentist may need to whiten your teeth over a series of appointments. Because teeth whitening chemicals can cause sensitivity in your teeth, these visits are spaced out at least a week apart, so now is the time to make an appointment with your dentist to discuss how many visits are needed to obtain the optimal amount of teeth whitening. Going to the dentist one week before the formal only to find out you need three or four visits means you won't be going to the dance with teeth as white as you desire.

Temporary Side Effects

After teeth whitening is done, you may experience temporary side effects such as tooth sensitivity and/or inflamed gums. Since you want to be spending the night of your formal having a good time and not thinking about issues within your mouth, allowing time for any potential side effects to settle needs to be considered when you decide when to have the teeth whitening process done. It is advisable to have your final whitening procedure at least two weeks before the formal so as to fully allow any temporary side effects to subside.

After Care

After your teeth are whitened, it is important you avoid certain substances which quickly can stain your teeth again. Items such as coffee, red wine and cigarettes all soak into your dental enamel and stain your teeth. If you must indulge in these substances, then you want to at least avoid them as much as possible before the formal takes place. The less of these you ingest, the whiter your teeth will be on the big night.

Armed with these tips, now is the time to make an appointment with your dentist to discuss teeth whitening so that you can time the process perfectly to line up with your big night out.