Balancing Western Medicine and Alternative Methods

Arthritis Treatment Options: Everything You Should Know

Are you experiencing joint pain? If so, then you may have arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disorder that causes swelling, stiffness and pain in your joints. Most individuals who have arthritis are below 65 years of age. Therefore, visiting the doctor for diagnosis is essential when you experience symptoms such as stiffness and swelling in your joints. There are various treatments for arthritis, and this piece will explain them.

1. Medications

Medicine is efficient in easing joint pain as well as other symptoms of arthritis. Medicine aids in reducing inflammation which is the primary source of aching. You could also use other medications for easing the joint pain without combating the inflammation. Ensure that you take the exact daily dose to prevent adverse effects.

2. Physiotherapy

Your doctor may also advise you to use physiotherapy since it assists in overcoming some complications. They also minimize movement limitation. Some of these physical therapies may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and warm water therapy.

Physiotherapy involves particular exercises that merge with your condition as well as individual requirements. Occupational therapy involves practical counsel about the management of your daily tasks, protecting your joints from more damage as well as managing your fatigue. On the other hand, warm-water therapy involves doing exercises in warm-water pools.

3. Physical activity

Evidence from research confirms that there is short-term pain reduction when beginning the exercise. Regular and consistent physical activity may be an excellent solution for minimizing your symptoms in the long term. Most people with arthritis may have other conditions like heart disease; therefore, you should select appropriate activities. Activities like swimming, walking or cycling are joint-friendly and suitable for adult individuals with arthritis.

4. Surgery

 In case these conservative measures are not sufficient, your health professional may recommend surgery. Some of the operations include joint fusion, joint replacement and joint repair. 

Joint repair involves making small incisions over your joint, realigning and smoothing joint surfaces to minimize pain and boost function. In case there is too much damage on the joint, a joint replacement would be an excellent option. Joint fusion is a perfect procedure for smaller joints like ankles, wrist and fingers. This ordeal entails removing the ends of your two bones then locking these ends until they merge to into a single unit after healing.

The focus of arthritis treatment is boosting your joint function and relieving symptoms. You may first have to use a plethora of treatments or treatment combinations before settling on the treatment option that works best for you.