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Tips for Recovering from Your Knee Replacement Surgery

As an invasive surgery that has the power to transform your life, knee replacement has a long recovery period. As with many other types of operation, you can hasten your recovery by following your surgical team's advice. If you want to return to normal faster, here are some tips for a speedy recovery.

Keep the Joint Straight

While your replacement knee has a chance to settle in and heal, you need to keep the joint as straight as you can. Avoid actions that require you to bend it, such as squatting and kneeling. Additionally, when you're sitting down, use a straight-backed chair and elevate your leg onto something that helps to keep it straight. You may find that keeping your knee straight at night is challenging. However, there are devices you can use to keep it in the right position. 

Lose Weight

Your surgeon may have advised you about weight loss before your procedure took place. If you're overweight, it's always a good idea to steadily lose some more so that you're placing less pressure on your knee joint. Your knee undergoes a lot of strain throughout the day, and it's one of the major joints that supports the weight you carry. Don't take drastic measures while you're trying to lose weight. Losing weight too rapidly can affect your energy levels and your muscle mass. As a result, you may find it difficult to engage with physiotherapy and regain strength in your knee.

Adhere to Physiotherapy

Most patients begin physiotherapy the day after their knee surgery takes place. Although this can feel painful, it's essential for regaining mobility and instigating smooth flowing motions throughout the joint. Your physiotherapist may use a passive motion machine. Passive motion machines gently make the movements for you, which can ease your transition into maintaining a physio routine. If you're struggling to push through your exercises because of pain, ask your physiotherapist if they can provide you with painkillers.

Attend Recovery Clinics

Although your physiotherapy team may give you exercises to try at home, you might find that attending a recovery clinic makes the task simpler. Knee rehabilitation clinics can help you adhere to your recovery plan, which will then speed the process up. Attending a clinic regularly also makes it easier for you to overcome the problems you're facing while you heal.

You may find that your post-surgery treatment plan changes as you make progress. By following your plan as closely as possible, you'll make it easier to return to your usual state of mobility. Speak to the staff at a knee rehabilitation clinic to learn more.