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3 Ways to Make Hearing Aids Cool

Remember back then when glasses were considered geeky? Remember when your parents had to drag you to the dentist just because you didn't want to wear braces? Although you knew the important role these devices played, you simply did not want to use them because they were not considered cool. That has all changed over the last decade or so because glasses and braces have been made cool. If you have hearing problems and must wear hearing aids but don't want to use the boring types you see around, there are ways you can make the devices cool. Here is how. 

Use Stickers -- Walking around with bright white hearing aids that can be seen a mile away is not the real definition of cool for teens today, and some kids have to deal with the stigma for many years. However, what if you could simply stick a sticker of your favourite image on your pair? This is precisely what most teens are doing today. Rather than walk in their neighbourhood or school with their bland hearing aid pair, they are using stickers with the images of their favourite cartoon characters or superheroes, and the impact has been immense. All you have to do is find yourself stickers with an inspiring or fun image or message, stick them on your hearing aids and watch the devices turn heads in school and your neighbourhood. 

Digital Music Equalizer -- If you have ever used digital music players, then you know what an equalizer looks like. These are visual representations of the sound waves from the music being played. Hearing aid designers have taken this technology a step further, and they are replicating it on hearing aids. Equipped with a mini screen, your hearing aid will receive sound and convert it into a dynamic graphic. Therefore, you can see a graphic form of the sound waves as you speak to your friends.

Hearing Aid Earrings -- Turning assistive devices into accessories is all the rage today, and hearing aid earrings are just another product of these endeavours. If you are used to seeing the gigantic, loopy hearing aids, then it may be difficult to imagine just how hearing aids can be transformed into earrings. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that because with a little bit of creativity, tech ingenuity and design, audiologists have come up with aids that resemble earrings in every single aspect. From afar, nobody can tell that you are wearing hearing aids, and this is a welcome reprieve — especially if you do not like sympathy faces looking your direction.

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