Antenatal Care: Three Indispensable Pregnancy Tips for Promoting Good Health

If you are pregnant, establish a plan for ensuring good health. Keep in mind that poor antenatal practices will lead to a decline in your health during the pregnancy. Also, the growth and development of your unborn baby could be compromised. Additionally, poor health could lead to a difficult birth. Therefore, ensure that you have addressed all potential causes of complications for a successful pregnancy. Here are some fundamental guidelines for better antenatal health. [Read More]

Why You Should Talk To A Doctor About Any Pain In Your Leg Or Foot

There are dozens upon dozens of bones, tendons, nerves and muscles in your legs, and these all need to be working perfectly to support the full weight of everything above them, or you can start to have quite a bit of pain. This pain can occur anywhere, and without a proper diagnosis, you might never be able to adequately treat it. If you don't want to live with chronic, nagging pain in your legs or feet then you need to see a medical expert who can help put you on track to get better promptly. [Read More]

What Is Laser Prostate Treatment?

Enlarged prostrates can be caused by several different conditions. One of the most important ones is, of course, cancer. That said, many people will undergo laser prostate treatments because of more benign conditions, such as prostatic hyperplasia, for example. Usually, it is a urinary infection that will first indicate there is a problem with the prostate gland but it can be picked up through routine health check-ups, as well. Whatever the reason for an enlarged prostate, your doctor may recommend laser prostate surgery. [Read More]

Benefits of Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound technology is one of the safest imaging techniques. In this technique, high-frequency sound waves are used to generate a detailed internal image. Ultrasound rays do not pose any safety risks to the patient unlike other imaging procedures such as X-ray and MRI.  Here are some applications of ultrasound technology: Pregnancy- Ultrasound is the preferred imaging procedure to use in pregnancy because it poses no risk to the unborn foetus. Ultrasound technology is used in all stages of pregnancy. [Read More]